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Charitable Causes
Hearts out to Haiti
Hearts out to Haiti is a mission program of the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Indialantic, FL.  It supports the children and people of three sister parishes in Haiti, including Les Palmes, Morne a Chandelle, and Durissy.  The focus of the ministry is on education.  It builds schools and buys textbooks for the children of these villages, pays annual salaries for 125 teachers, and supports several students who have moved on to university studies in Port au Prince by paying tuition and room/board.  In addition, it conducts Vacation Bible School programs in the villages, conducts semi-annual de-worming for the children, and pays the salary of a full-time nurse to help ensure the children are healthy enough to learn.  The mission is staffed by volunteers who pay for all their own expenses and administrative costs of the ministry -- including paying their own airfare and lodging when on their frequent mission trips to Haiti -- so 100% of all donations are used solely to support the people of these three villages.  The work of this ministry is directed toward giving the children of Haiti the tools with which to build a better life for themselves and the next generation -- to break the cycle of poverty and allow the people of these villages to become self-sufficient.

The terrible earthquake in Haiti recently caused untold damage on every kind of structure in the country -- homes, schools, churches, businesses, even government buildings -- and killed or injured hundreds of thousands of Haitians.  In Morne a Chandelle, the only building left standing is the school built by the ministry.  Large international aid organizations have flooded aid into Port au Prince, but the small villages in the hills are largely overlooked -- by the media reports and the aid workers.  Hearts out to Haiti continues to accept donations of money and educational supplies for delivery to the people of these villages.  Please help by making an on-line donation (PayPal or Credit Card) to support the children of Haiti.


Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is an international organization committed to building safe, decent housing for the poor in America and around the world.  Although it is a ecumenical Christian ministry, it builds homes for anyone in need regardless of religious background.  Using volunteer labor along with donations of money and materials, Habitat builds homes and sells -- not gives -- them to families in need.  Buyers of Habitat homes must invest hundreds of hours volunteering to help build homes for other families in order to qualify for their own home.  They must make a modest down payment and then monthly payments to Habitat, which holds the mortgage but charges no interest on the loan.  You can help Habitat by donating money or simply volunteering your time to help build a home.  No specific skills are required; you can learn "on the job" from professional builders who volunteer to oversee the construction of each home.  By volunteering you will gain knowledge you can use to maintain your own home, while also helping to change lives for the better, and provide families with a foundation from which they can build a better live for themselves.  This is a great example of the "hand up, not hand-out" charitable method.


Literacy Volunteers of America / ProLiteracy America
ProLiteracy America (formerly Literacy Volunteers of America) trains volunteers to be literacy tutors, to teach adults with poor or no reading skills to read.  Many American adults simply never learned to read or to read well.  For many, this hinders their search for gainful employment and has a negative affect on the reading skills of their children.  A great many of these low- or non-literate Americans have over time acquired other skills to compensate for their inability to read -- to the point that you may have a co-worker or neighbor who cannot read and not even know it.  I personally tutored a man who worked in a factory fixing manufacturing equipment, but could read only a few words by sight.  He would secretly take home technician's manuals on each piece of equipment in his workplace and have his wife read them to him at night.  Eventually, he had memorized each manual, and could open any manual to a page and begin "reading" the page -- from memory, as he could not actually read a word on the page.  Illiteracy robs adults of their time, talent, and dignity.  You can help Americans lean to read by donating money or by becoming a literacy volunteer.  In doing so, you will provide them with the means to make better lives for themselves and their families.


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