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MC-Squared has provided solutions for clients in many communications, test and control areas:

Misc. Microcontroller-Based Systems (Hardware+Software):

bulletIn-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity System Components [ColdFire MCF5282, x86, 68HC16, ARM]
bulletXML-Programmable Multi-Channel LightShow Controller [MSP430F2618]
bulletAstronaut Wireless Health Monitoring System [MSP430F2418 + MSP430FG4618]
bulletHandheld Multi-Channel/Multi-Sensor Water Quality Instrument [LH75410 ARM + MSP430F169]  [Video]
bulletConductivity Lab Instrument LCD Driver conversion [68HC11]
bulletSmart Displacement Sensor Network [MSP430F1232]
bulletDissolved Oxygen Lab Instrument Slave I/O Processor [PIC 16F72]
bulletTactical Air Navigation (TACAN MIL-STD-291B) Beacon Simulator [PIC 16F873 + 12C671]
bulletDPELS™ GPS-based Downed-Pilot Emergency Locator [PIC 16C63]
bulletTheJudge™ Pinewood Derby Race Monitors [PIC 16C63, 16C54]
bulletE.T.™ Electronic Timer Module [PIC 12C508]
bulletSunlightMax™ IR Data Transmitter [PIC 12C508]
bulletMouser™ Universal (Serial/PS2/Bus) Mouse Interface Chip [87C751]
bulletPFX™ High-Speed Conveyor Parts Counter [80196]
bulletMultiple PC Mouse/Keyboard Combiner Interface [80C320]
bulletFoot-Mouse (Handicapped PC Access Product) [8051]
bullet"Puffer" Keyboard (Handicapped PC Access Product) [68HC11]
bulletWatchSimm™ WatchDog SIMM for PCs [CPLD]
bulletRID™ Re-configurable Macro PC Keyboard [Z8]
bulletVoice-Operated Terminal [80C166, ADSP-2111]
bulletTouch-Sensitive Panel Display [COP8]
bulletKX™ AtariST PC-Emulator Keyboard Interface [68705]
bulletTelemarketing 16-Line Toll-Saver Switchboard Controller [8051]
bulletAutomotive Collision Avoidance System [8051]
bulletSolar Array Auto-Tracking System [6805]
bulletFire/Security Alarm System Sensors/Controller [8048]

Command, Control and Communications (Software):

bulletSCA TDDS/TADIXS-B Waveform Applications (JTRS / SCA waveform development)
bulletSCA TIBS Waveform Application (JTRS / SCA waveform developement)
bulletSCA Airborne Quad Zebra Radio (Software-Defined Radio / JTR Set conversion)
bulletINTELSAT New TDMA Infrastructure - RTE/TSM Local Management System
bulletALE-2000™ ATM Link Enhancer (DS3/E3 Satellite-to-ATM Switch Interface)
bulletDigicall™ Wireless Local Loop (GSM 4.07/4.08 Call Processing)
bulletNCMS™ - INMARSAT Aeronautical Network Channel Management System
bullet Aviation/Cockpit Weather Service & FlightNews™ Airline/Cruise Live News Service
bulletBroadcast Communications Server (Multi-cast Satellite File Transfer)
bulletHigh-Speed Data Gateway (ISDN terrestrial-to-satellite, Q.931)
bulletX.75/X.25 Satellite Efficient Protocol Converter (GUI + SNMP Agent)
bulletGround Earth Station Monitoring/Control System (SNMP Sub-Agent)
bulletRemotely Piloted Vehicle (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Payload Controllers (various)
bulletSDI Communications Network Simulator (multi-node target tracking)
bulletAutomated Microwave and UHF/VHF Surveillance Systems
bulletAir Force One Air-to-Ground Laptop Network Link
bulletCommunications Equipment Simulators (various)
bulletGaAs Adaptive Filter Design (Harris Semi chip design)

Automated Test Equipment and Remote Monitoring (Software + Hardware):

bulletCircuitSentry™ Telephony Transmission Quality Monitoring
bulletSmartCircuits™ FAA LINCS Remote Site Alarm Monitoring & Control (SNMP)
bulletHealthCheck™ Remote Site Host Monitor (multi-modem manager)
bulletDigitalDPV Data Pattern Generator & Verifier (Harris Semi test equipment)
bulletIEEE-488 Controlled RF Signal Analysis (UHF/VHF and Microwave)
bulletHydraulic Press Controller with Stress/Strain Monitor

Industrial Control Systems (Software):

bulletIon Implanters and e-Beam Vacuum Evaporators (Semiconductor Manufacturing)
bulletInjection Mold Machine Control (Plastic Processing)
bulletLow-Power Laser Scanning System (Medical)

Turn-Key Interactive Systems:

bulletCDTV - Commodore Dynamic Television™ Game / CD-Interactive System (Amiga)
bulletDupont Public Information Kiosks (PC)
bulletImage Storage & Retrieval System (PC)
bulletVideo Disk-based Maintenance Support System (Apple)

Device Drivers / System Utilities:

bulletPDA Access Security Lock (PocketPC)
bulletTelephone Quality Monitor ISA Card Interface VxD (PC)
bulletReal-Mode 960K DOS Chipset-based Memory Manager (PC)
bulletTouch-Sensitive Flat-Panel Display (PC)
bulletHandicapped Access Keyboard Driver (PC)
bulletHandicapped Access Screen Reader Driver (PC)
bulletIBM Mainframe 9-Track Tape Drive (PC)
bulletOptical Diskette Drive (PC)
bulletVAXmate™ LIM Extended/Expanded Memory Driver (PC)
bulletDECnet™ Network Drivers (PC)
bulletAT&T StarGROUP™ Network Drivers (PC)
bulletLarge-Format HP Plotter Driver (PC)
bulletAED Floppy Disk Drive (PDP-11)

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