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ecco: the embedded computer company specializes in value-added products for embedded computer applications, including traditional microcontroller-based embedded systems as well as Intel x86-based embedded PC-compatibles.

The Embeddable PC: Motherboards
The embedded PC motherboard is a low-cost alternative for embedded control applications.   ecco specializes in modifying PC motherboards (ISA and/or PCI) for embedded applications.  ecco can provide stable motherboard products over long-term product life-spans to avoid the constant design changes required when using commercial PC motherboard designs.
The Embeddable PC: Single-Board PCs
The single-board PC-compatible is now available with CPUs ranging from the venerable 80386 to fast Pentium IVs.  ecco can provide products from individual PC cards to complete rack-mountable PCs for powerful solutions to big problems.
Traditional Embedded Microcontrollers
The traditional "embedded computer".  ecco can provide a multitude of microcontroller-based computer products for tiny- to large-scale control and communications applications.


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