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The C-Squared Group is a co-operative of technology-oriented companies working together to provide solutions over a wide range of computer design problems for our customers.

Company Profile

The C-Squared Group comprises the following companies:

Mentor Computer Consulting LLC (MC-Squared)

Computer Software and Controller Hardware/Software Design services, focusing on Embedded Microcontroller, Embedded Single-Board Computer, PC and Sun platforms for nearly 30 years.

The Embedded Computer Company (ecco)

Value-Added Reseller of Embedded Microcontroller and Embedded PC products.

Designer Circuits and Computers (DCC)

Designers of Microcontroller and other Programmable devices.

Some Current and Past Customers. . .

Commercial: AT&T, Avenue Technologies (now part of QinetiQ), Commodore-Amiga, COMSAT Mobile Communications (now part of Telenor USA) , COMSAT World Systems (now part of Intelsat)COMSAT Labs (now part of ViaSat), DEC (now part of HP/Compaq), Diverse Data Products, Dupont, Eaton Semiconductor (now Axcelis), Gov't Telecom, Harris, Insite Peripherals, Lanier, LiveTVLockheed-Martin, Microsoft Corp, Mnemonics, Moog Aircraft Group, Neural-Robotics, NCR, New Directions, Nyx, Penn State University Hershey Medical Center, Renaissance Greeting Cards, Sears, SOTAS (now part of Mantas), Spectrum Interactive, ULVAC North America (now Ulvac Technologies), and Yellow Springs Instruments.

Government: (classified) DIA, NRL, NSA, SDIO (now MDA), USAF, USN and WHCA; (unclassified) NIH, SSA

Contact Information

You may contact The C-Squared Group by phone, post or electronic mail.

Postal address
PO Box 33397
        Indialantic, FL 32903-0397
Electronic mail addresses
General Information: info@...
        MC-Squared: mentor@...
        ecco: ecco@...
        DCC: dcc@...
        Webmaster: webmaster@...

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