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MC-Squared develops software solutions using the following languages and IDE/toolsets:

bulletANSI C, Gnu C/C++, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Borland C/C++, VisualAge C, Lattice C
bulletIAR Embedded Workbench, CodeComposer, CodeWarrior, WindRiver Tornado, Keil, Cosmic, BSO/Tasking
bulletVisual Studio C# .NET Micro Framework (NXP ARM)
bulletIntel x86-family Assembly
bulletIntel MCU (8051, 80196) Assembly
bulletMicrochip PIC Assembly
bulletRockwell / MOS Technology 6502 Assembly
bulletFreescale/Motorola 680x0-family Assembly
bulletFreescale/Motorola MCU (68306, 68HC11, 68HC08, 68HC705) Assembly
bulletFreescale ColdFire Assembly
bulletARM7 Assembly (Sharp LH75410, NXP LPC2148, Luminary Micro LM3S8962)
bulletTexas Instruments MSP430 Assembly
bulletTexas Instruments 9900 Assembly
bulletNational MCU (COP-8) Assembly
bulletSiemens SAB80C166 Assembly
bulletZilog Z8, Z80, Z180 Assembly
bulletMaxim MAXQ Assembly
bulletHitachi, RCA and other MPU Assembly
bulletAnalog Devices ADSP-2100 Assembly
bulletFreescale/Motorola 56F80x DSC and 56002 DSP Assembly
bulletTexas Instruments 3205x and 320C54x DSP Assembly
bulletCypress PSoC Designer M8C Assembly
bulletMacro-11 Assembly
bulletBorland JBuilder Java
bulletParallax Stamp PBASIC
bulletVisual BASIC

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