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Mentor Computer Consulting provides system and software design services to create small-scale communications and control processors using a broad range of digital and mixed-signal microcontrollers.   MC-Squared has served its commercial customers by developing effective hardware/software solutions in the areas of communications systems, user input devices and a variety of control systems.

MC-Squared began designing microcontroller- and microprocessor-based systems in the mid-1970s with the Intel 8008 (first general-purpose 8-bit microprocessor, running at a blazing 200KHz!) and Intel 1702 (first EPROM, a 2K-bit device), and later the Intel 8048 microcontroller (1KB EPROM/64B RAM) and 8080 microprocessor, as well as the MOS Technology 6502, Motorola 6800, and Zilog Z80 microprocessors.  In the early days, a useful "micro computer" with just 1KB of program memory could occupy an entire board and cost $500.00!   MC-Squared has since used succeeding generations of microprocessors, single-chip microcontrollers, mixed-signal processors and digital signal processors to digitize the world for its clients, and a single-chip microcontroller can provide more power than that earlier board for less than a dollar!

Key Benefits of Microcontroller-based Solutions

bulletLower Cost
bulletLower Power
bulletMinimum Size

In-House Development Lab

MC-Squared's In-House Microcontroller Design Lab capabilities include hardware and software development using:

bulletMicrochip: PIC 16C5x, 16Cxx, 12C50x, 16F87x, 16F7x, 18Fxxx, PIC24, dsPIC33, et al  [MPLAB, ClearView]
bulletTexas Instruments: MSP430F1x/2x/4x/5x Mixed-Signal Processors  [IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430]
bulletTexas Instruments (Luminary Micro) LM3S8962 ARM w/Ethernet+CAN  [IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM]
bulletTexas Instruments (Luminary Micro) LM3S8992 ARM w/Ethernet+USB  [IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM]
bulletTexas Instruments: 320C51, 320VC5416, 320C5515, and 320C5535 DSPs  [TI Code Composer Studio]
bulletMaxim MAXQ2000 Mixed-Signal Processor  [IAR Embedded Workbench for MAXQ, MAX-IDE]
bulletIntel/NXP/Seimens: 8051, 87750, 80x51 [various, Keil, IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051]
bulletNXP (line acquired from Sharp) LH7541x ARM  [IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM]
bulletNXP (Philips) LPC2148 ARM Processor  [IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM]
bulletNXP LPC2387 ARM Processor  [Visual Studio C# .NET Micro Framework]
bulletAnalog Devices ADuC842 Precision Analog Microcontroller  [Keil MDK51]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): 68HC08Q 8-pin Nitron  [CodeWarrior]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): MC9S12 (HCS12)  [CodeWarrior]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): DSP56F80x  DSP [CodeWarrior]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): ColdFire MCF5270 [Eclipse IDE]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): ColdFire MCF5282 [GNU tools]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): 68HC16 [Cosmic IDEA16]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): MC9S08 [CodeWarrior]
bulletFreescale(Motorola): 68HC11, 68306, 68705
bulletSilicon Labs: C8051F3xx [SiLabs IDE]
bulletRabbit Semiconductor: Rabbit2000
bulletSystronix Embedded Java JStamp
bulletNational Semiconductor: COP-8
bulletAnalog Devices: ADSP-21xx
bulletParallax: Basic Stamp II
bulletSiemens: SAB80C166
bulletAtmel AVR family
bulletIntel: 80196
bulletZilog: Z8

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